WatchersTalk presents FORGERY UNMASKED a summit established to answer one question, Who are we? In order to answer this question, we have constructed a think tank consisting of Twenty eight researchers and quarterbacked by 6 amazing Mc’s to convene over three days March 27th, 28th and 29th 2021 to unravel the clues of our little understood history. 

The team of researchers and educators who we have assembled will deconstruct subjects and topics such as our extraterrestrial history from antiquity, hidden codes within holy books, previous civilizations Atlantis, ancient Egypt, conscious living through nutrition, exercise and yoga, conscious music, the mysteries of our moon, forbidden archaeology and much more throughout the three day conference concluding each day with round the table panel on the days theme. 

Day One March 27/2021 we will explore ancient Egypt, Atlantis and other lost civilization with Ten amazing speakers and presenters concluding the day with a WatchersTalk Round Table Panel discussion to decipher the information.

Day two we will elucidate the unexplained mysteries of the world with leading Ten researchers, authors, speakers, presenters and global explorers who will discuss, anomalies of South America, Forbidden Archaeology, Chauvet Cave Art, Secrets Of Alchemy, Enigma Of Our Moon, Dimensions and a one on one interview with the Author of  The Scars Of Eden  sequel to best seller  Escaping From Eden. Concluding the day with a dream team WatchersTalk Round The Table Panel.

Day three will be subdivided into three categories consisting of Part one  The Conundrums of Bigfoot,  UFOs,  Alien abductions. Part Two  Conscious living, nutrition/diet, Food Science, Yoga, Exercise. Part Three  Meditation, Hypnosis Near Death Experience.  We will conclude day three with a WatchersTalk Round The Table Panel a  discussion based on about the nature of human consciousness. 

We invite you to join us for this all exclusive summit in an effort to assemble the puzzle pieces which yourself and our esteemed friends bring to the table to decipher our collective history to graph a better understanding of who we are in a quest to elevate our self awareness through dialogue, knowledge, and friendship and to share ideas in a safe non judgmental environment, so bring your pencils and pads cause this brain candy is gonna be GREAT!!!

We WatchersTalk and Friends Thank you and Appreciate you.

This summit is appreciatively sponsored By 

Paul Anthony Wallis | The Scars Of Eden 

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