Etherical Retreat 2 Day Workshop

A animal is an established state of being, it is what it is, it does not desire to be anything more than what it already is. The human on the other hand is not an established being because it aspires to be more than what it is. That is a gift from nature. Majority of us set new year resolutions and create intentions in an effort to become a better human being sometimes we prevail and sometimes not, but we keep trying because we aspire to have a blissful human experience.

Brining intentions to fruitfulness is an incredible feeling of achievement and life changing such as when someone commits to losing weight, quitting smoking or overcoming other hurdles in life when achieved feels like you can do anything and overcome anything. Why not do that with every intention and have the universe work for you.

When the trinity of the self is centered and aligned and one understands the nature of reality the universe indeed begins to work for you, with that in mind WatchersTalk has teamed up with Aaron Fowler The Psychic Shaman, Rob Yox from Full Spectrum Universe to bring you 10 Teacher/Students from 10 different disciplines from various techniques of meditations, self hypnotherapy, sound healing, intention and affirmation setting, present time alignment, astral projection, Lucid dreaming workshops this new years January 01/02 2022 to help bring every resolution and intentions to manifestations.

Our presenting speakers are highly skilled who have researched their topics of interest for many many years and in some cases spending decades learning, teaching and applications. We proudly present Aaron Fowler, Mikelle Indigo Goddess, Ray Davis, Greg Bornstein, Jerome Calvar, Rob Yox, Neil Gaur, Dr. Joan of angels, Aage Nost, Omar Faizi

Day 1
Day 2
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