Collectives Of The New Earth…A Journey Through Consciousness

Collectives Of The New Earth… A Journey Through Consciousness

On February 5th starting at 11am EST, we begin to explore this new paradigm which we call New Earth and experience this through our awareness and consciousness. Using our ancient knowledge and current practices to help the masses shift into this new realm of reality. With love and wisdom we can bring a new experience to the community too help them access all of the information which lies within them already. Infinite roads lead to internalization, which leads to a direct connection to source. We are the ones we have been waiting for. Together we can elevate the entire collective and wake up those who have been sleeping for so long. Join us for this event to change all events.

Presenters List

Paul Wallis (Escape from Eden, Scares of Eden)

Ismeal Perez ( Project Restoration Zion)

Marina Seren (Contactee, Experiencer, Secret Space Program, Psychic)

Carly Grace (Alignment, Manifesting, Coaching, Empowerment )

Plus more to be announced

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