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A few weeks ago I was sent an email by one of my colleagues about The Guardians Of the Looking Glass and the videos which they had released. In short the video discusses timelines and events being manufactured by the black hats to favor an outcome which will benefit the very few. Watch videos here.

What is the looking glass?

The looking glass technology is extremely old, its been around since the time of the Sumerians which allows the user to integrate themselves with the technology to perform various actions.

One of the actions being performed is when one peers into the looking glass it reflects back to the user, user’s life up to the present moment in a movie type format.

The second action being performed is when an event is being placed into a timeline such as 911 it displays the timeline up to the year 2030.

The third action being performed is if the user inserts J-Rods into the device one is immediately transported to a different location and or timeline, past, present or future.

To the laymen the idea of looking into the future or the past using a device sounds incredibly bazar but to the learned one this is yet another piece of evidence to show humans in the deep past were highly advanced.

The Chronovisor time machine is claimed to have been re-invented in the 1950s by a Benedictine monk named Father Pellegrino Ernetti and a secret team of Italian scientists, including The Nobel Prize winner physicists Enrico Fermi.

To learn more about the Looking Glass I decided to set up a themed week on WatchersTalk to learn and help raise awareness April 24-30 by featuring 6 presenters and concluding the week with a panel discussion. The presenters were Frank Jacob, Michael Feeley, Brad Olsen, Kiara Windrider and Paul Wallis.

Looking Glass Interviews

Frank Jacob
Michael Feeley
Brad Olsen
Aage Nost
Kiara Windrider
Paul Anthony Wallis
Looking Glass Panel
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