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What exactly is a near death experience beyond the obvious of someone needing immediate medical attention? I have had the opportunity to interview many different NDE experiencers over the years since I have hosted WatchersTalk and one thing is certain, each experience is unique to the individual, some say they made contact with their higher aspect, some say they had a conversation with God, some with their ancestors, but one thing they all have in common is love, they explain they were greeted by overwhelming amount of love.

“It’s not your time you have to go back”. I find that interesting as some NDE experiencers have had several near death experiences with pretty much the same outcome of being returned to this 5th density to carry out a particular mission, and some even return with extrasensory abilities which they were not aware of prior to the event. It’s almost like being equipped with a certain set of tools for a job, so my mind being as inquisitive as it is I have to ask myself what is it that these experiencers are interacting with? so this drives me to further research in this fascinating area of consciousness and physicality, the quest to understand what is this human experience. 

In this series I will continue to raise my awareness in this subject by listening to my most gracious speakers and also connecting the dots from others who are not presented in this series but never the less their previous contributions are invaluable to my understanding of consciousness. In order to grasp the awareness of what’s beyond this human body avatar we must first understand birth and death the cradle to the grave 3rd density routine. 

Lets keep this simple by now we all understand we choose the people we want to be incarnated to for an infinite amount of reasons and the experiences that go along with this physical vacation, the lessons that need to be learned can only be learned here in this plain, so here we are. We plan our entry than reason has to accommodate that we planned our exit also. Like going on a vacation and following an itinerary. Sometimes on the course of 4th density life shit happens and the body avatar gets damaged and a near death experience is activated perhaps the activation is realization of the true self beyond the body mind aspect.  

What is death? death is when the point of attention is lifted from your unique aspect and transferred else place. The unique aspect of consciousness that drives the body avatar vehicle is infinite, indefinite, it does not know death, it is before the physical aspect and it will be after the physical experience, yours and my physical aspect is a projection like a unique personality that is expressed through matter like a hologram but infinitely advanced. 

The lack of knowledge and understanding leads to fear but once we are equipped with knowledge and awareness than the fog of ignorance is lifted and we can begin to fully grasp the nature of our reality. The reality is we are extraterrestrials or more like interterrestrials, because we are interdimensional beings and we shift in and out of this 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th densities with some on the cusp of the 6th and 7th densities. What density am I in or you or my neighbor or my cats? that all depends on awareness. Is an NDE an Interdimensional Conscious Experience (ICE) and we are are interpreting this through a wrong lens? Should we be labeling this as an ICE instead of NDE? because if death never happens than an NDE is not possible but if we are interdimensional beings in the state of an ICE than we can begin to get a clearer picture as to what is going on with people who have been to the event horizon.  

We humans live in the 3rd dimensional world we have the potential and ability to experience other dimensions because the human is a non established being. what is a established and non established being? The animal is an established being where it does not wish to be more than what it already is, a non established being like the human who aspires to be more than what it is. Now when we interpret time as a dimension and add it to the mix than humans are existing on a fourth dimensional plain because only a unestablished form of consciousness would be able to recognize what time is. When we interpret Consciousness as a dimension than the human being is existing in the 5th dimensional earth plain. This great awakening that is slowly coming to surface is the 6th dimensional earth plain and slowly humanity is shifting from the 5th to the 6th, and some into the 7th interestingly enough with the rise of the 6th root race the indigo star race! 

Unfortunately not everyone will be making the shift as the cradle to grave program routine is deeply embedded and only self awareness can propel the individual into existing as a 6th dimensional being. Not everyone is self aware because awareness in it self is a form of dimension.  So what does that tell me about NDE or should I say ICE?  

0. Infinite No-Thing-It is expressed through

  1. matter
  2. Sound
  3. Light
  4. Time
  5. Consciousness
  6. Awareness
  7. Love

Human 3.0 3D Basic Operational Connection To Consciousness
Human 4.0 Human Aware Of Time With Basic Operational Connection To Consciousness
Human 5.0 Human Aware Of Its Basic Conscious Operational Connection To Consciousness
Human 6.0 Human Increasing Connection To Consciousness Human 7.0 Human In A Unconditional State Of Love Human 8.0 Human In Full Command Of Its Extra Sensory Abilities 

If I was Sherlock Holms I would see Love as one of the clues as this is what everyone has in common and is quite vital to further study of consciousness as I feel the individual experiencing the NDE is interacting with an interdimensional being which is vibrating at much higher levels of consciousness and densities and perhaps even non locally communicating with a self aspect that becomes a conduit of instruction and remembering of spirit contracts. The body avatar is in tremendous stress when the NDE is occurring so perhaps when awareness of the self is realized through communication with the other entity during a traumatic event the person is automatically moved into a higher state of being than they were pre-event and Claire and extra sensory abilities are activated due to the shift in the distortion of the individual and becoming an instrument of love. 

It is clearly a deep subject which I am looking forward to diving into with my co creator Kathy Mason from Mason Works Marketing. The conversations which we will engage in with Tricia Baker, Dr. Pamela Gerali, Peter Panagore, Jose Hernandez, Brooke Grove and Caroline Chang will raise the bar in awareness. I am aslo looking forward to continuing my journey in this topic during

The International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) Salt Lake City Conference taking place August 31st to Sept 4th. This conference showcases Internationally famous NDE experts and keynotes such as: Medium Suzanne Giesemann, MPA; Author and Public TV host Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD; Author Mary Neal, MD; author Jeffery C. Olsen; Psychic Explorer and Author of The Afterlife Frequency Mark Anthony, JD; and Author/Researcher P.M.H. Atwater, LHD.This year in person and virtual conference features: Personal accounts of inspirational NDEs Up to date reports by expert Researchers Military/Veteran’s NDE Discussion Group Workshops Healers Room Experiencer’s Lounge Spanish NDE Videos and Discussions 2 Film premieres In person and online available streaming Workshops and more!

Drop by WatchersTalk YouTube channel August 21st for the start of our week long series in this mysterious subject. We are featuring six speakers and on Saturday August 27th we will host a panel discussion with all of them. We also be taking questions from our viewers because your participation is the most important. This journey of self awareness and self reflection is ours to share with one another so we may help enlighten, love and support one another on this amazing human journey regardless of which density one vibrates in. I look forward to seeing and engaging with you.

Don’t forget to say “I Love You” to yourself everyday and give yourself gratitude for being who you are!

As One


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