SEED: Plant Medicine | Animal Communication ~ June 20-21, 2021

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Plant Medicine | Animal Communication

About this event

A Seed comes in many forms and is the true symbolic ambassador of infinite possibilities. One of those possibilities is Show Empathy Every Day (SEED) by being a seed of consciousness wherever you go. A seed is not only the mother of the plant kingdom, it is of our mind as well.

In the modern age we have become estranged from diverse plant life and have lost the ability to identify the functions and processes of plants and the various cures they offer for disease and ailments.

A shamans way with plants and animals is they acknowledge that plants and animals have consciousness and that consciousness is shared with us that recognition is the strongest medicine. Sadly we have forgotten.

Our ancestors understood the magical world of plants and forests when they used to speak to the animal kingdom and understood the responses, acknowledging and respecting them as a sentient being that was their connection to this beautiful Bio-Sphere.

Chemical age, going to a doctor, getting a pill, becoming sicker, seems that way, doesn’t it? Follow the money they say, OK, big daddy pharma’s revenues worldwide totaled 1.25 trillion U.S. dollars in 2019. Yes Trillion meaning we have lost our way, Have We? No, Of Course Not!

WatchersTalk celebrating six years of our quest to understand who and what we are have organized a Two day free or by donation event Called SEED on the summer solstice June 20 and 21. All are invited.

We have invited Sixteen lectures who specialize in the fields of Plant Medicine, Animal Communication, Harmonic Therapy, Food Sciences… and featuring a Panel of experts.

To begin our seventh year of sharing information and connecting the dots we have collaborated with Rob Yox of Full Spectrum Universe and sponsored by The Eden series of Paul Anthony Wallis to bring you Two full days of knowledge.

This Two day event is being Streamed to Portal To Ascension and Hosted By MC’s Rob Yox of Full Spectrum Universe, Greg Bornstein of Open Loops and Omar Faizi of WatchersTalk.

We invite you to reserve your spot for this live Two day Virtual Event for FREE, donations are always appreciated so we can continue to bring you conscious based events to help all in our day to day lives.

Please visit our website for schedule and bio’s of our lecturer’s @ for this up coming Solstice Celebration.

Our SEED Lecturers

1. Mara Calvi – Plant Medicine

2. Sona Tandon – Plant Medicine

3. Renate Zach – Animal Communication

4. Melinda Williams – Aromatherapy

5. Carolle Campau – Reiki/Animal Communication

6. Paul Anthony Wallis – History of Plant and Animals

7. Jerome Calvar – Food and Health

8. Anjii Bryers – Animal Communication

9. Aubrey Rose Lewis – Ayahuasca

10. Neil Gaur – Plant Medicine

11. Michael Feeley – Plants & Herbs

12. Aage Nost – Plant Medicine, Reverse Aging

13. Dr. Lessin, Janet Lessin – Plant Medicine

14. Solreta Antaria – Food Sciences

15. Chris Blackmore Herbal Hindsight Benefits Of Cannabis

Panel Paul Anthony Wallis, Jerome Calvar, Michael Feeley, Mara Calvi, Sona Tandon, Solreta Antaria

SEED MC’sOmar Faizi – WatchersTalk

Rob Yox – Full Spectrum Universe

Greg Bornstein – Open Loops

Sponsor The Eden Series By Paul Anthony

Escaping From Eden | The Scars Of Eden

As One


WatchersTalk Seed Plant Medicine & Animal Communication Day 1
WatchersTalk Seed Plant Medicine & Animal Communication Day 2
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