From the world a few have seen the unexplained mysteries of Antarctica to the God of War our neighboring planet Mars, extraterrestrial visitation to government cover ups to our lost forgotten collective history. 

Ishwara is  a remedy to our human amnesia in which we will construct a jigsaw puzzle that spans tens, hundreds of thousands of years even some dates that will challenge your teachings to your very core, the pieces are Gnostic teachings, higher consciousness, Christ consciousness, energy, thought and the powers of the global pyramid network. 

We will learn how we can unblock energy to regress our previous lives, experiences and much more to lead a happy, creative, productive life. 

We will get a better understanding of our ancient roots and the knowledge hidden in code before our very eyes but unfortunately, cleverly hidden, thankfully our incredible presenters have connected the dots and decoded the hidden information hidden within our most sacred texts and are graciously sharing their knowledge with us all.

I invite you to join us at Ishwara on October 10/2020 in a day of learning, sharing and celebration of raising our awareness of our inner Ishwara. 

WatchersTalk welcomes Brad Olsen, Jeffrey Boyd Jr, James Bartly, Paul Anthony Wallis, Jerome Calvar, Steven & Evan Strong, Michael Feeley and John Shaughnessy. I hope to see you there, please share this with whom you think will benefit from this day of learning. 


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