Global Meditation Event Time Is Now | Level Up

WatchersTalk with Forgotten Origins in unison with Full Spectrum Universe, Orion Rising bring to you Global Meditation Event. We need your energy, we need you to direct your energy, we need you to help us lift the Shumann Resonance on Dec 20\21, the shift is upon us and together our thoughts and energy will help manifest an ancient prophecy passed on through the generations of the original people of this world.

The wanderers who understand the Law Of One interpret this event as the great Harvest, Time is now fellow wanderers we are ready to summit, help us all to usher in the age of Oneness, increased distortion, expanded awareness, and heighten consciousness.

We will be getting together with 8 of our friends who will help us guide group meditations, Conscious music, Sound Bowls, positive affirmations. Below is a description of the prophecy of the original peoples explained by Steven & Evan Strong.

We first heard of this ceremony/prophecy about three years ago when a highly respected Original Elder and friend, Uluki Brandan Murray, told us that in December 2020 there would be a ceremony at Uluru that will give humans and the planet a chance to heal, energies and reset humanities’ future.

He told me that if the ceremony was successful the Earth’s resonance, as measured by the Schumann Resonance, would split into two. One would continue vibrating at around the base-level of 7 to 8 and the other would ascend into three figures, forever.

The ascension would be gradual, perhaps taking years, simply because if it accelerated too quickly we would not be able to exist. As many know it is fluctuating now and this is the Mother giving us a chance to ready ourselves. What was made clear is that each soul and their individual thoughts, deeds and actions of this life, will make the decision as to which vibration is their karma and judgement will be drawn towards.

This ceremony is the most important ever to be held on this planet, and perhaps even the Cosmos, and is our very last chance for humans to choose a path of Divine Love for the earth and every life-form upon it, or move on elsewhere. This is the fork in the collective road ahead, but this ceremony given to what they call the “magic box'” feeds off humans meditating and directing their inner strength and compassion into the earth and this “box.” If the numbers are sufficient, all will be well, if not what follows will be “hell on earth.” It is all up to us.

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