Our annual equinox conference this year is with 120 speakers over 11 days who will share their sacred knowledge to help pave the way to a new paradigm of Love and Harmony. We acknowledge we are faced with great problems, throughout the world and it is up to us to cultivate the change in perception. Now we must look upon each other as brothers and sisters as there is no more time for divisions among us. These divisions will not be our salvation. Let’s prepare ourselves for the Purification Day which is just ahead. Lets take the advice of our 111 angels and join together in Spiritual Peace with love in our hearts for one another, love in our hearts for the Great Spirit and Mother Earth, shall we be saved.


The intention of Humanity Unplugged…Explore The Internal…is to raise awareness on subjects and topics of wide variety that are explained away as folklore, mythology or pseudo science and suppressed from the human consciousness. The objective is to prepare for the great shift in consciousness that is occurring, accumulate knowledge, teach our star children and never again repeat the mistakes of the past.

What We Will Learn

Quantum Consciousness, Our Star Families, Ancient History, Lost Civilizations, Anatomy of Sound, Sacred Alchemy,  Present Time Alignment, Functions Of Pyramids, Humanity Out Of Australia, Walk-Ins, Mars, Sacred Geometry, Ancient Mythologies, Antarctica, Ancient India, Channeling, Past Life Regressions, Holistic Medicine, Animal Communication, Intuitive Diet, Love alliance, Star Seeds, Indigo Children, Human Alien Hybridization Program…

This is just tip of the iceberg as to what our 120 presenters will bring to the table to delete the falsehoods which we all have been programmed with and illuminate the truth and help activate the powers within each of us, join us this spring equinox for the mother of all downloads.

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