Seductions Of The Pyramids

People have been intrigued by the mystery of the pyramids ever since their rediscovery by modern Hu_man. Pyramids are found in almost every region around the world, some are step pyramids and some are pentagonal and the question that manifests in the mind is why? what is their function? Who built them? why? why? why? is what riddles the brain, questions we currently can not answer with any certainty. However many have tried and I love to explore different ideas to create interesting conversations around our common passions that we share.

In this weeks Pyramid awareness theme beginning on Sunday, May 15th to Saturday May 21st I will be featuring 5 presenters, 1 each day, Patricia Awyan, John Shaughnessy, Pavel Smutny Michael Feeley, Ildi Budai and Chuck vanderbyl will share with us their ideas and what they think the pyramids and pyramid builders are all about. We will conclude the week with a panel discussion.

Patricia Awyan
John Shaughnessy
Pavel Smutny
Michael Feeley
Ildi Budai
Chuck Vanderbyl
Pyramid Awareness Panel
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