A Galactic Human Journey

See humanity is a very important race, more important than many ever know. We humans were once the teachers of all the other high civilizations now, that’s why they aren’t coming to help us now. The real story is really very complex, is partly because we are consciously kept in this 3d density frequency 50Hz and we are under heavy mind control via our mind, brain. As long as you keep thinking from your head and don’t start living from your heart, heart consciousness, your heart namely also thinks and thinks faster and is connected to the source, the source is where we all originally come from.

The human being is in fact originally a god being and being with creative power, creative ability, emotional, loving and connected to all life in the entire universe. There are in fact only 400,000 other human races and another trillion other beings, we humans our DNA is composed from several main races 8 or 12, opinions are divided on that.

We live here on earth now on prison planet, we are kept stupid here, everything we learn in school is not the real truth. Through our thoughts we are under mind control, because how long can you be intensely happy, before a new thought pops up?!?

Why is that, well we live in a Matrix a holographic reality very advanced, with everything on it.

The creatures that are keeping us prisoner here on Mother Earth are reptiles, a very supreme race, they can see everything in 3d and 4d, no further fortunately. But are very smart, they keep us imprisoned here, they themselves live under the ground, they eat our children, especially when they are in agony, they are the most delicious and further they live of our fear and anger and bid energy, do you understand now why everything is going the way our life on earth is going? War, oppression, work, mortgage, health care that stuffs you full of vacc and makes you sick, make you better and they put bad drugs in again, everything good in other ways we are not allowed to know, why, isn’t it time you studied my links below?

The point is that every human being really becomes conscious, because collectively we are connected in a collective field.

Since 13,000 years this has been going on in this way. The earth was a Galactic stronghold before that, almost all races that travel intergalactically had communities on earth, such as Atlantis, Lemuria, the Galactic Federation even had two very large subterranean cities under the pyramids and the sphinx in Egypt. All the pyramids around the world were energy facilities, free energy, but was there mainly so that many galactic races could travel through portal to their home worlds without spaceships. Travel in the universe can be done in cattle ways, just look at Star trek, everything you see in it is based on truth. Many other galactic races such as Taygeta of the Pleiades, the Andromeda, the Arcturians and many other lesser known and far lesser races travel that way, often just with time jumps. 13,000 years ago there was a gigantic galactic war in which very many lives and materials (spaceships often 800 by 300 km) were lost in this universe.

Went between the Galactic Federation worlds GFW (is an alliance of almost all good races) against the reptiles and their supporters.The GFW was ambushed on Taimat (Malduk), this planet exploded and Mars was badly damaged, Tiamat was also an inhabited planet, just like all the other planets in our universe, there are even more, than we officially know. Tiamat was a water planet, all the water ended up on Venus and on the earth, among other things, because of this the earth made a pole shift and Atlantis etc. were all lost. To keep the reptiles trapped they left behind a badly damaged space ship of the Andromeda, and that is our moon.

On the moon there are 12 computers among other things, with these the earthly that always like all the other planets are brought from 5d back to 3d and together with the Allen Belt the reptiles were kept prisoner here, after hundreds of years the reptiles managed to hack the computers and control mankind even more, because we create all kinds of things ourselves, but because of 3d it is slow, those creations the reptiles change it to their wishes and this is how life has been going for 12,500 yrs.

But these computers are old and now only 2 work for 80% because of this we are going to see more and more with our say 3rd eye, all the conscious ones see their galactic families, look everything is 1, everything runs through each other, so all life and everything is connected. The unconscious start seeing weird creatures and start thinking they’re getting real. Oh yeah, look another thing, humanity is trapped here, when we die and all the beliefs are based on it to make us believe that, you go through a tunnel of light to Gene Side, Heaven, that’s also a part of the Matrix, the whole reincarnation process is a part of this prison, you sink more and more into it, through matter, money, power, etc.

Now all the good races are sending starseeds to earth to help humanity grow in consciousness. Also, there are less good races or races that can no longer reproduce, send their beings to earth, so they are abducted from our perspective, but they help their original race in their hybridization program.

Do you want to know more research my webpages, see my overview or all my webpages and all this info below or send me an email, but self research is the most important, everyone has to become aware themselves, another can’t do it for you, luckily we are becoming more aware, that’s why all this that is happening in the world right now is a distraction to stall for time, they know we are becoming aware and they can’t stop it, well they can try to get as many people as possible even more under control by disconnecting them from the source, through what is going on right now

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