Protocols Of Saturn

The God That Rules The Earth

How does one even begin to explain the complexity of what we are dealing with, a force which is intimately involved with us on a daily basis without us ever even realizing of its existence, and many have not from cradle to grave had no idea. This institution which has embedded itself in every aspect of human reality has shaped the course of human destiny for thousands of years. They operate from the shadows and use the idea of democracy as a weapon against us, manipulating us into believing our vote counts when in reality it is their policy that will be implemented over the desires of the electorate. Who am I talking about? I speak of the Saturn Cult.

The Saturn Cult has been around for thousands of years and yet hardly anyone knows about it, that’s because they are smart and over the centuries they have had time to polish their game. What is their game? In short it is the worship of interdimensional reptilian beings who have used Saturn as a Stargate to travel to this universe. Their worship of these ultradimensional beings is what we call Satanism. This ideology has been passed down the generations through powerful secret and not so secret societies and Royal families of the world. Every royal family is a satanic family; they can not be anything else because that is its purpose by design. These secret societies are bound by bloodlines and there is a reason for that, the reason is that the bloodlines are the direct descendants of these ultradimensional beings who in the deep past genetically modified their DNA/RNA with their own DNA/RNA to create a hybrid alien-human to govern over the general population.  

The secret societies that have spawned off of the royal families over the centuries have positioned themselves in such a way that they are and have always been in key positions of authority in every aspect of human life. Democracy! is a scam. You go ahead and try running for any political position where you live and see how far you get, I bet you, it won’t be too far, they will let you play but will send you home with a 2nd place blue ribbon with a pat on the back and a thanks for trying because you’re not in the club. If you wanna get into the club that starts in colleges and universities where the elites send their kids for schooling. Should I go any further, if you’re looking for student loan forgiveness from Brandon then you’re not gonna be invited to some secret frat meeting in some clubhouse where you’re groomed to sell your soul to the cabal. 

They speak through various symbols that in most cases express an aspect of Saturn in some form or another, the crescent is their favorite one to use, we see it again and again throughout history and right into the modern corporate world. The symbols carry vibrations like a music note that is connected to certain sound vibrations, with the cabal’s Saturn symbol they insert intention, intentions that carry low vibrational energetic waves and when interacted with unbenounced to the observer they are unwillingly giving over their energy to the beings of Saturn. In text it is difficult to explain, so I have begun a Saturn series called Protocols Of Saturn. 

In Protocols Of Saturn together we will be exploring the evolution of the Saturn Cult’s symbols, their bloodline, secret societies, political power, media control and so so much more. Join me in this venture down the rabbit hole to connect the dots of yesterday to the world wide web of deceit and control that we are forced to interact with.

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