Total Disclosure

We keep hearing “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for” Well we have arrived so lets begin the long awaited process of disclosure. In this disclosure package 55 wanderers will come together August 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 2021 from every spectrum of the uni/verse to give us the most precious of all gifts, Knowledge.

We will learn about our collective history, past super civilizations, intelligent contact, consciousness, the human body avatar, plant medicine, earth communication, just to mention a few aspects of the spectrum which will be covered in this coming Total Disclosure.

We will learn how our consciousness creates our reality, the power of our perception and most importantly the human potential. We will begin to understand how to treat trauma in this life or otherwise and harness knowledge from our ancestors to begin the healing process and rediscovering ourselves.

WatchersTalk & Full Spectrum Universe presents to you Total Disclosure in cooperation with Paul Anthony Wallis, Forgotten Origins, Our Alien Ancestry and Portal To Ascension. This will be streamed live on multiple platforms at no charge by the people, for the people. Remember We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For So Let’s Begin!

Our Lecturers

Day 1

Omar Faizi
Philip Kinsella
Dr. Rita Louise
Dr. Manu Seyfzadeh
Neil Gaur
Nori Love
Mark Fiorentino
Aage Nost
Kenneth Sutton
Marlon Cox

Day 2

Stephen Cummins
Renate Zach
Valery Uravov
Bibhu Dev Misra
AAron Fowler
Geraldine Orozco
Michael Cremo
Eric j Hecker
Jerimiah Fountain
John Shaughnessy
Mary Rodwell
George Mitrovic
Chris Blackmore
Richard Patterson

Day 3

Michael Feeley
Rob Yox
JJ Ainsworth
Norma Rasmussen
Ildi Budai
Constance Victoria Briggs
Jason Martell
Steven and Evan Strong
Lea Kapitali
Solreta Antaria
Ole Dammegard
Paul Wallis

Day 4

Mara Calvi & Sona Tandon
Dr.Rev Joan Of Angels
Dr. Semir Osmanagić
Brad Olsen
Aubrey Rose Lewis
Dr’s. J.J. Desiree Hurtak
Dr. Sasha Alex Lessin & Janet Kira Lessin
Alan Steinfeld

Day 5

John Cadman
panel North America | Joel. Alan. Dr’s. Hurtak. Dr. Joan
Rodney McGillvary
Scotty Roberts
Joel Ayala Ayapana
Australia Panel

Time has come to Turn the page from yesterday to today, a new shift in energy is manifesting everyday and a new Yuga cycle is upon us. It is a time of reflection and progression from one state of mind into another, lets confront the demons of our collective past, heal and learn.

Through knowledge which creates higher self awareness we can break the cycles of the past and create a future abundant with love, compassion, and a will to thrive to be better for tomorrow. Our 55 lecturers at Total Disclosure this coming August 5-9 is a step towards understanding the self.

We will be getting daily downloads by 11 incredible human beings for 5 days in topics and subjects relating to our consciousness, pre history, super civilizations, human potential, Intelligent contact, and a whole lot more.

Our lecturers will connect the dots and we will paint an image to bring everything into a clearer perspective. The Inner Truth Summit…Total Disclosure.

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