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WELCOME TO THE MOVEMENT!! Full Spectrum Universe is a Brand that has Many different types of podcasts and broadcasts that we produce ranging in a wide variety of topics. We also have a passion for exploring theories of all types, we love to hear how and why you feel so strongly about any and all subjects. Please like, share and tell others you found a place for all your wildest ideas to be examined and investigated. Remember I am with all of you always..


Portal to Ascension provides a stream of awareness on a range of conscious, empowering and paradigm shifting topics through various forms of media & event productions. Portal to Ascension is a resource as we awaken to the truth of our existence and explore the nature of reality and the cosmos. Our efforts are creating a world with full disclosure of:



We are trying to change the worldview of Australia (Ab)Original people and culture and their effect upon human development and civilization. (The Out of Australia Theory) 50,000 years ago, the very first Homo Sapiens set sail from Australia. Steven and Evan Strong have spent over 20 years assembling facts from archaeological finds, explorers’ accounts, genetics information, traditional Australian (Ab)Original mythology and many more sources to develop one coherent and controversial theory: Australian Original people exported civilization to the world-at-large. Their first three books: “Constructing a New World Map”, “Mary Magdalene’s Dreaming” “Forgotten Origin” (University Press of America),”Out of Australia” (Hampton Roads). Their Latest Book “Between a Rock and a Hard Place”



Joan of Angels is an Intuitive and Soul Mastery Coach/Mentor. I work with people who feel the call to awaken to your best self. My Soul Awakening Sessions and Soul Mastery Signature Coaching program is for those who need support, guidance, structure and the inner tools to discover their best selves, let go of what holds them back, and move forward with courage, grace and ease.


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